Life's smallest simplest pleasures


They say the best things in life are free.


A Reddit user asked people from around the world what life's most simple pleasures were, one of which was getting in your own bed after a long journey.


Unsurprisingly, many pleasures that came out top on the list were ones that resulted in a sense of physical relief after solving annoyances or irritations.


These included extracting a popcorn kernel lodged in the teeth, back and head scratches, and also the satisfying first sip of a drink when thirsty.


Reddit users also agreed that freshly baked bread was another simple pleasure in life that made them happy.


A shower with good water pressure was another comfortable life pleasure that Reddit users praised.


1. Falling asleep while it's raining outside

2. Back or head scratches

3. A shower with good water pressure

4. Lying in your own bed after a long journey

5. Fresh baked bread

6. The first sip of a drink when you're thirsty

7. Getting goosebumps from a song

8. Causing someone to laugh that you admire or look up to

9. Starting a task and finishing it

10. Waking up for work, only to realise it's Saturday

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