My Family小学英语作文~小学英语作文

My family is a harmonious family, There are 5 members in my family. They are my grandpa、grandma、mother、father and I.

My grandpa is 58 year old. He is a very happy man. His hair is short. I look liaf文章网_afbbbb.ccke him. My grandma is happy too. She wants to have a pair of sandals. Two days ago she had one. My mother is beautiful woman. My father is a handsome young man. He wants to have many shoes and jumpers. My grandpa likes running. My grandma likes singing. My mother likes driving and my father like drawing. My family is harmonious, because my mother takes care of my grandpa and grandma very well. I love my grandpa、 grandma、father and mother very much, and they all love me too. I have a happy family.

I love my family!